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“We are on a mission to restore families by inspiring, challenging and equipping men to becoming more effective fathers, husbands and leaders in our community”

We live in a fatherless generation that is lacking positive role models. There is a desperate need for mentors that will bring direction and encouragement. Young men need to have someone in our corner that will guide and believe in them. Sociologists tell us that the key elements of resiliency are family, education, community and meaning.

Effective mentoring has a foundation of love and a structure of trust, on which without, all relationships crumble. John Maxwell quotes that "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care". 

It is never to late to change. We choose to believe in the impossible! 

Leadership should be born out of the understanding of the needs of those who would be affected by it.
— Marian Anderson


Accountability. Consistency . Discipline . Commitment. 

We are a self-supporting, Christian based program that meets on a monthly bases (One hour meetings). We believe in the life changing power of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Through our meetings and events we teach personal development, personal responsibility and life skills. Drug and alcohol education are key elements of all our programs, classes & events.

Membership is completely free but we do encourage donations from our members and anyone that believes in what we do. Our mentoring program is designed to give people a starting point to a better future. People, especially men, will be challenged to become more than they ever thought possible. This will be accomplished through our structured meetings, events and a "60 day mentoring challenge" that is available to all members. 


Monthly group meetings on the last Monday of every month 7:30pm. At 45-47 Whyalla Place, Prestons NSW. One on one mentoring also available, please contact Tony Hoang for more details.