Inspiring the Next Generation – Gen Z. Millennials. iGeneration

These are the kids we teach in our classrooms today, and they will be the adults who lead our world tomorrow. They are considered ‘digital natives’, with the ability to access information and knowledge at unprecedented rates across a range of information and communication technologies, including the World Wide Web, instant messaging, MP3 players and smart phones.

This ability to connect electronically to information and the greater world, however, has left them the most isolated, disengaged and vulnerable generation in history. The more connected they are to the electronic world, the less connected they are to the physical human world. Increasingly detached from reality, Gen Z is left to find their own values, morals, and role models in a world without moderation or limits.

With the relentless rush of negativity from media, Gen Z seeks inspiration. How do we cut through to make a positive impact on them? How will they survive and thrive in a world that demands perfection, substitutes lust for love, and offers heartache and hopelessness as a way of life?

Tony’s inspiring story of overcoming many obstacles and hardships is one that will resonate deeply and leave a lasting impact on Gen Z, encouraging them to find their purpose in life and accomplish their goals.

Tony’s presentation is centred on choices and consequences and can be tailored to meet organisations needs and visions. His riveting story as a drug dealer in the late 90s mixed with his sense of humour keeps the audience connected from start to finish. He will inspire, empower and equip students with strategies to help them deal with the past, accept the present and engage their future.

With the use of visual aid, Tony’s photos of his deceased friends and family make a powerful, confronting and engaging presentation.

Seminar Objectives;

• Inspire motivation to achieve goals, dreams & aspirations.
• Engage at risk students to rethink their path of destruction.
• Challenge destructive mindsets of this generation.
• Equip with strategies for healthy and positive relationships.